April 17, 2009

Just 10 Pounds!

That's it. That's all I want to lose, is this so hard? Yes, when you do not stop eating so much. I am a stress eater. I have never ever uttered these words, "I'm so stressed/depressed/worried/tired/full I can't eat." I've always longed to be one of those wimps who say, "Oh, I've lost 20 pounds. I just can't eat. I'm just too ______." Who are those people? Where do they come from? Sorry if you're one of those wimps. Know that I secretly admire you.

I eat when I'm stressed. It's what the doctor ordered. It's what makes perfect sense to my imperfect, nonsensical self. As a matter of fact, when I felt morning sickness during all three pregnancies - I ATE! Because my mind works like this: discomfort + Jennie = food consumption. I seek comfort and balance and numbness through food. So I have gained 10 pounds in the last couple years and I'm lucky it's not 50! I do acknowledge that. I am blessed with some sort of decent metabolism even with low thyroid and all of my eating quirks and issues. But this is it. I even got a little poundage ticker and put it on my blog knowing full well that when I back myself into a corner I usually rebel against my goal. That's a whole other hour in the psychologist's chair. Let me concentrate on one pressing issue at a time.

Okay, I am actually going on a diet. I don't "diet" in general, but I've chosen something that's very close to the way I eat naturally minus the junk that I may binge on at every turn, but that needs to go. I'm 44, there's heart disease and diabetes looming in my family. Not to mention knee problems and arthritis that I already have in my left ring finger! It's time to put away the jelly beans. I'm loosely following The Omega Diet. It is a healthy Mediterranean type diet and there are a ton of simple choices for each meal and the meals are pretty much what I eat every day.

I'm going to be really crazy now and set a date. June 30th. 10 pounds by June 30th. 10 pounds by 2010 would be nice too, but I'm going to light a fire and say by June 30th. Not that this has any bearings on you, you understand. I just need to say it. Plus, I like tickers. I think they're cute.


rosemary said...

There is one important component to losing weight....exercise. If you don't burn more than you take in, you gain weight...from anything...good and bad foods. So if you sit on the couch and eat great, healthy foods and just click the remote all day you gain weight. That's sort of how it works. I vacuum like a fiend. I have very little down time. I am always doing something. I have chosen the Cherry Cordial Diet. Not working. I have gained 9 pounds over this winter. I have no willpower. No weight loss ticker for me....just an age one. You can do this, Jennie...you can.

Mom said...

I am not one of those people you describe so well. If God had wanted me thin then why does food taste so good and relieve so much stress. i have just decided to quit worring about it for now.
Good luck!

CRAIG and DIANE said...

The way I look at it, when your time comes, is that 10 pounds going to be your biggest regret? Enjoy the great life you have Jennie, eat healthy, and love yourself first and foremost just the way you are!

Jennie said...

Thanks Rosemary, Mom and Diane. :) My friend Coleen is a big floor cleaner too. Maybe the universe is trying to tell me something. I have been very stagnant lately. I allowed things to run me over like a mac truck. That was for Diane. Mom, sometimes I quit worrying about it too, but I really want to give myself this. And Diane - I getcha. But if I die of diabetes and heart disease then yes, I probably will regret it. ;-) But to be honest, I really feel summer looming...we belong to a pool. I'd like to enjoy it...not in a bikini or anything, just in a modest suit. LOL