May 23, 2009

From My Computer Room Window

Our new cedar garden boxes are finished.
Cedar is expensive. We found out the hard way. We are friends with a man who owns a lumber yard and when Stan went in to buy the wood for the first box, Tom gave him quite a deal. Stan didn't know this until he went in to buy wood for the next two and Tom wasn't there. Gulp. Let's just say given the amount of tomatoes and peppers and squash we five people may eat in a summer, I can't even calculate what year we may make up the difference. But you're not supposed to use treated wood and the boxes are fun and I imagine it'll be pretty when all the flowers and plants grow nice and big.
See that bench? It appeared in our yard one day, I am not sure who dragged it home, but it is in ill repair. The wood is so old it feels like it may snap beneath you at any moment. Stan says he's going back to the lumber yard to purchase wood slats to refurbish it. And then we could buy some of that fancy metallic spray paint and paint over the rust spots. It would probably cost more than going out to Lowe's and buying a new one, but it'd be a fitting item for our costly cedar wood garden.

Can one grow squash in a small garden box? We don't know, but our friend Russ gave us some starts and we stuck 'em in there on the end.
Mowing the lawn yesterday I discovered another spot I'd like to make into a garden. Behind my garage gets a lot of sun but there are huge maple tree roots there from a tree we cut down. I do like to dig in the dirt, pull ivy and such, but I don't know if I'm capable of removing old tree roots. Maybe we could rent a machine to do it and add to our Extravagant Garden Tab 2009.


CRAIG and DIANE said...

I wish I had the love of gardening, but I don't. I'm still waiting for the two plants I did get up the nerve to put in our new flower beds to give up the ghost. In the mean time, I'll enjoy all of your gardening projects and everyone else's from afar!

kristen said...

YES!!! ABSOLUTELY YES! you CAN grow squash in small boxes. We're doing square foot gardening this year. Mom's house gets more sun than ours, so we're doing it there.
sorry about the vedy veddy expensive cedar, but I'll bet it smells nice. It LOOKS gorgeous!