May 24, 2009

Trip to Fort Delaware

My brother-in-law called us Saturday night to invite us to go on a little trip to Fort Delaware. I did that once a couple years ago only hundreds of miles south. Stan didn't want to go. I wanted to sit home and relax, but the kids thought it'd be fun! So I agreed to accompany them.
This ferry ride was a lot shorter and a lot cooler this time. I think the temperature in South Carolina that week was over 100. And we didn't get to see such an interesting view of a nuclear power station.
I love marshes. I spent every summer as a child near the marsh. It is automatic calm and peace.
I would plant myself in a little spot like this and feel the spongey ground beneath me and the bay waters lapping at my shins. Smell the salt and gases.
This fort was a little smaller and it had a moat. It also had these three people who were high out of their minds on some sort of speed. It was on the verge of scary when they talked to us. The lady didn't talk, she just got steered around by her husband and almost fell into the moat at one point when her wasted son stumbled into her. It was a strange dichotomy of time and place.
As was this bright tie dye shirt in the same frame as this civil war re-enactment.

The soldier asked for volunteers and Sean was more than willing.
They were marched around: left, left, left, right, left!
Lined up.

Note whose child is facing forward.
Then they were released back into civilian life.

Now here's something I learned yesterday. Interesting, odd, unimaginable. Hold on to your socks: At the time of the Civil War, laundry was women's work! Whoa. Let me just sit here and allow that to sink in once more. Those were some crazy, crazy times.


Mom said...

What a wonderful outing. Too bad those civil war laundresses didn't have my wonderful new washer and dryer.

KimP said...

That sign implies that things have somehow changed??!! I'll be sure to forward that memo to my husband, who definitely hasn't received it yet!

Paul Nichols said...

Oh, I thought women's work was blogging and driving kids to soccer practice and stuff.