June 13, 2009


I have a bright red sunburn. I look somewhat like this fellow did right before I ate him last night.I'm not sure if I ever uttered the familiar phrase "Don't play with your food." The kids and dogs enjoyed this curiosity for a while.

Ruby is so lucky that her nose is still intact. 11 lb spindly Sophia didn't even go there. Meanwhile, Mr. Crab's friend were climbing all over each other in the kitchen sink.

And the kids delighted in that too. My friend Jane was up from SC this week and we got to do a lot of fun things together. Yesterday while the kids were at school, Jane and I drove down to the beach and got matching sunburns. It was raining and overcast when we left and I completely and stupidly forgot that one can get burnt at the beach on a cloudy day. Then it became beautifully sunny...and I forgot again.

On the way home we passed a roadside stand for LIVE CRABS and stopped and bought two dozen from a friendly young dude with a missing front tooth and an abcess on his right ear lobe. Then Stan, Luke, Sean, Jane and I sat out on the back porch and ate for a few hours. Cause that's how long it takes to eat 18 crabs. I am making a little crab salad with the last few.

While we were eating 11 lb Sophia ran out front and into the road, unbeknownst to us. A young fellow came down the driveway and said he'd almost hit her. We were so glad she was not hurt! But Jane was mad at her (and herself) for the rest of the night.

Today I got a call from the doctor that Luke's second blood test came out again abnormal for his thyroid, so we will be headed to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia soon. Luke's not crabby about it, though he has been laying on the couch for months. I knew something was up, as he's not acting like your average 12 year old...or at least any 12 year old I've ever reared.

Anyway, we'll find out about that soon enough. Today I will slice up my aloe plants and long for my shoulders to stop sizzling.

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rosemary said...

Aloe is great for sunburns.....i slathered myself with it when we were in Jamaica....before SP was in my vocabulary.