June 30, 2009

My Mind is a Pinball Machine

1. There should be an age when men are not allowed to climb ladders any longer. I know of a handful of men (more than 5, less than 10) who fell off ladders doing chores at home and 1) got injured, 2) got severely injured, 3) died. One I know, in the second category, was doing simple chores at home. He is a fire chief. My husband wants to clean the gutters on our third floor, hanging out the window with a "harness" or climbing a very, very tall ladder.


2. I was pulling weeds in my garden today and my 7 year old was playing tennis against our garage door. Behind me, he was chattering away, as he always is. I heard his little mouth say two things: 1) This is fun, you working and me playing tennis. 2) Mom, let's see how good you can duck.

3. One of my sons is in Indiana, in a soccer camp, in a nurse's office, with a fever. He got it from his little brother who last week was on the couch, in my living room, with a fever. Last week we learned that he (the current sick kid) has thyroiditis but ~thankfully~ not juvenile diabetes! So, that he is in Indiana...at a soccer camp...sleeping in a lounge...in a dorm...with a fever...at a rate (I've figured) of about $100/day...not to mention the flight out...is...well......sigh......whatever.

4. My sister is practically forcing me to read Twilight, a popular teen book about a vampire or something. It's like she hasn't known me for 38 years or something.

5. Last night we had both the heat on and the downstairs window air conditioner running. This morning I descended into the cool downstairs, walked over to the coffee pot that sits on a counter above a radiator, opened the top, put in a new filter, grabbed the pot and noticed that my legs were really warm.

6. The Fourth of July parade route in our town has been lined with lawnchairs for days.

7. What's up with
this site?

8. Billy Bob Thorton's unique character in
Sling Blade (1996) is exactly like Robert Duvall's unique character in Tomorrow (1972).

9. There is some concern lately that because some farm raised fish are being fed cow parts there may be a chance of people getting mad cow disease from eating fish.

10. Today I called or texted or spoke to 4 of Seth's friends trying to return the camera on my table to its rightful owner. It's ours.



rosemary said...

I don't know what to say....makes my life seem kinda small and provincial.....you know....cats, weeds and vacuuming everyday.

Paul Nichols said...

You bring back such fond memories...

Mom said...

You sound like the mother of not grown children. Life will continue on tilt for a long time yet.