June 2, 2009

Tasteless Tuesday

I'm about to bury this in my yard.
I hope that it brings many colorful concrete birdbaths.
May it not cast a bitter plague upon us all. Amen.
Anyone wanna take a guess?


Mom said...

No clue, I am curious.

Jennie said...

I can't keep a secret. It's an elephant ear bulb. We made those cement birdbaths last year with elephant ear leaves and my friend and I just bought some bulbs today to make more, hopefully. I'm going to hurry up and bury the thing, it's grossing me out. I passed it around my son's band practice in the garage today and the boys looked at me like I really needed to go away and take the frightening thing with me. lol

rosemary said...

OMStars.....ugly comes to mind. If you bury it will the ears grow again?

Jennie said...

Hopefully we will get ears. The last bunch came from my friend's yard, but I wanted to try here and see if I could grow some, the plant is really beautiful. The bulb, not so much!

Paul Nichols said...

There are a few homes around here with those plants. Beautiful. I didn't know they started out as such ugly bulblings, though.