July 18, 2009

At Home with Blueberries

Vacation posts done, I'm settling in and embracing home. My brother-in-law took the kids to the orchard the other day and picked blueberries and peaches. These are the ones my kids picked. Sean was rather annoyed that I combined them into one bowl. Now how are we going to tell who's are who's? I made two blueberry buckles and lots of blueberry peach smoothies with a dollop of Greek yogurt and milk. The fresh taste burst onto your tongue unlike anything else. How is it that a freshly picked piece of fruit tastes drastically different from one that was picked last week and shipped across three states? Any time I'd yell out Anyone want a blueberry smoothie? a resounding YES would come from all corners of the house.
I gave one of the buckles to my best friend and her family who had gathered home and had been holding fast to their dad, not doing well. He wasn't eating or drinking but ate an entire piece of my blueberry buckle, our blueberry buckle. I laid some out on cookie sheets in the freezer and froze the rest and we're still having blueberry smoothies.

When I was little, we spent many summers at my great grandfather's farm, just around the corner from a blueberry field manned by Puerto Rican summer workers. They had a small stand on the road that attracted fisherman on their way to the bay. Those were the best blueberries I've ever eaten and the largest. Find the largest blueberry in that bowl and that was the smallest of the blueberries we'd get from that bayside blueberry field. My mom would immediately make a blueberry buckle with the recipe from my great grandmother's file. She knew what to do with a blueberry.

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KimP said...

Oh, fresh blueberries. I absolutely llooovvvve them! Before I was old enough to get a real by-the-hour job, I picked and sorted blueberries on a farm. Totally spoiled me - I can hardly eat the store-bought frozen ones now!

I'm sure your smoothies are wonderful. :-)