July 24, 2009

Latte Addiction

I can access the best iced lattes in the land in just 4 city blocks. And I do, too too often. I'm sipping on one right now in my basement, with my laptop and my little one who is playing Star Wars The Force Unleashed on the Wii. We're a modern family, evidently. And that's where my account begins.

Sean-pie and I drove to one of my least favorite places on earth today: Toys R Us. I'm forever struck by how many things there are in that store that neither I nor my children want! They just walk 'round and 'round looking at all the plastic forms saying, "Hmmmm. Hmmmmm." My mother had given the boys some money for their trip to Indiana and two of them came back with the full amount in their pockets, unlike the other one who spent it immediately, probably at a convenience store. No one bought IU memorabilia for the fear I might write a mocking post about them on my blog. Sean wanted to use some of his money on a new Wii game so we went out today to get it.

As I was getting out of my van in the parking lot I opened my purse to make sure I had my debit card and I didn't. I had my license, my Visa, a Target gift card and 3 paper cards from my favorite coffee shop. (You get the card stamped 9 times with 9 purchases and get the last one free! I love it when my card is stamped 9 times.) It was these three coffee cards that reminded me of where I just may have left my debit card. I flipped one card over and found a phone number.

Hi, This is Jennie. I am a latteholic. My friend Coleen and I, the walkers, come in a lot. Did I happen to leave my bank card there yesterday?

The voice on the other end was soothing and familiar: Yep! We have it! Sitting right here on the espresso machine waiting for you.

Ahhhhh. The relief pulsed through my veins like latte, strong with whole milk, hold the sugar. Thanks! I'll be by to pick it up today.

On the way home I did stop in and get my card. Sean got a green apple smoothie.
And um, I got a, um... latte.


CRAIG and DIANE said...

Yummmmmm Lattes......gotta go fire up the espresso machine and make me one now!

Mom said...

This sounds familiar. I am forever leaving my bank card somewhere where good people find it and keep it for me. I too love lattes.

Paul Nichols said...

Someday I'm going to write a post about all the things I've never done. Top of the list? Latte.

Um, are we still friends?

Jennie said...

Have you ever lost your bank card or played Star Wars: The Force Unleashed on the Wii??? We need to find some common interest, Paul. ;)