July 14, 2009

My Sister-in-law is a Cool Chick

In this third summer vacation post, I'd like to introduce you to Jeanne Ann. She's my great & groovy sister-in-law. She taught my husband to read and still loves him and his family very much.

She is a new grandmother.
And she's also a lifelong tom-boy who still plays soccer with grown men and does probably better than most. She also still likes to play football with her three brothers in the backyard whenever the spirit moves her.
She'd also never broken a bone until her little brother came in from New Jersey and threw her a pass at a family reunion. Then everyone gathered round to see Jeanne's new strangely bent pinkie that would snap up and down with a flick from her other finger but not on it's own.

She's tough. But it hurt. (She loves it when I take pictures of her worst moments.)

And then it really started to hurt.

And then everyone was giving their opinion and diagnosis. That snapping up and down made me think dislocation, but I guess I was wrong. The doc says it's a break.

I still like her, weird misshapen pinkie finger and all.

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Mom said...

She is lucky woman to have a sister=in-law who loves her!