August 18, 2009

A Fabulous Day in Atlantic City with the Thunderbirds

It isn't every day we get to sit on the beach, stare out over the ocean and the blue sky and feel our ears and insides being ripped out by an atmosphere-blasting jet over and over and over again for hours on end.
But that's what we experienced today in Atlantic City, New Jersey

somewhere around Florida Avenue, which is not a property on the Monopoly board.
Tomorrow is the really big shew and today these pilots were out "practicing,"

blazing by us for hours in the blazing sun showing us their stuff

and they've got stuff! They've got synchronized stuff.
They've got upside-down stuff.

I turned around here and told my sons for the umpteenth time of the day:

If I catch you doing this stunt, Mister,

you're in BIG trouble!

They've got drawing in the sky stuff.

They've got good rescue stuff.
We were here....

They were there,


and literally everywhere.

Once when I was walking toward the ocean
a jet came up behind me and flew over my head

(and landed in France three seconds later)

and I...well, I am probably giving someone a good laugh on their home videos right now

because the sound, the noise, the...there's no word for it...

It was loud.

Then people started getting filthy.

Then some shmuck photographed me in my bathing suit!

So we split.


Paul Nichols said...

Now I see why it took you all week to get to my most recent post. No problem. Wish I could have been where you were. I've been hunkered down with flu, of all things. But stayed tuned for further book developments. Within the coming week, I think. Ta-da!

rosemary said...

I've seen and heard the T/birds.....amazing feats. Looks like everyone had a fun time. Jennie, if I may be really tacky and gossipy and complimentary all at the same look great in the suit....the other woman in the horizontal stripes needs to have some shorts on. Sorry.

Jennie said...

Paul, I'm excited! You're inspiring.

Rosemary, thank you for the compliment...I have to admit after I posted that pic I was hoping people would recognize which one I was in the photograph! ;) I always wear swim shorts with my bathing suit...I'm past the age where I feel good essentially running around in public my underwear. Or in private actually. lol