September 26, 2009

Cape May Point State Park

It is Stanley's birthday today, so we decided to take a little walk. This is a little park where bird watchers go, people stroll through marshes and beaches, and climb the lighthouse.

I love marshes. My family is from marsh country, my mom's family, that is. They were also oyster men and farmers. I feel like reeds and brackish waters are some of the things that are "me," you know?
This is when I realized I'd forgotten Sean's epipen for his bee allergy.

This photo makes me think of the Beatles.

We all thought this looked like a giant bonsai tree.
Cattails are another one of those things that are a part of my makeup, I think.

Another thing that's me is irreverent things like scratched signitures on a "Do Not -" sign. I do my best to be reverent, I like reverence, but I also like irony and funny. Once in a public bathroom there was an automatic hand dryer, the blower type and a few instructions on the front. It read something like: Push 'On' button, hold hands under hot air. And someone scratched below that: Wipe hands on pants. I liked that.
However, I'm not quite irreverent enough (at least I'm not feeling it right now) to post the next picture in this sequence where I photographed Sean from behind as he watered the plants by the side of the boardwalk path. He's quite the naturalist.

I like my boots. It's the second time I've gotten to wear them this season. I think they make a statement, but I am not at all sure what it is.

The picture below I snapped right after some gigantic airplane of a bird flew across our path and landed in the water. You may not even be able to see it out there over the water. It almost looked like a swan. Do swans fly?

Next we went out onto the beach for the final leg of our walk. Next post.


rosemary said...

I think your having reeds and oysters in your makeup is spot are from and of the earth Jennie...made by Him. Reeds are strong, bend and move with the whims of the weather; pearls are precious. Sean and Steve seem to have the same inclinations when it comes to watering the plants.....only Steve does his watering in the back yard. I would have sat on the railing just because I am old and my opportunities to buck the system are growing shorter by the day.

Paul Nichols said...

Someone once told me that New Jersey was nothing but one big freeway. Huh! Whaddahe know?

Real nice pictures. Some even remind me of the Heart of America.

Thinking of traveling? Word verification is "belesse." We have friends who are moving there to operate a hostel. Belize.

I'll send your five words later this evening. After you post, please lemme know. (As if I'd never visit here otherwise! Sheesh!)