September 17, 2009

Human Hands

I'm in awe of human hands. In just this photo alone there are so many examples of the things they can do. Build a city. Drive a vehicle. Care for another's health. Create a sculpture. Dramatically act onstage. Take a picture. I'm standing on the 9th floor of 840 Walnut St here, about to go in to my son's surgeon's office. I stopped to check up on my two little ones who were home alone getting ready for school, so I stood here at this window - floor to ceiling - to make the call.

My Luke's hands are amazing. He draws very well, but he also helps and nurtures his little brother with them. Often before school he sprays and combs Sean's hair, just because. He saw Sean off to school while Stan was in the field cleaning up groundwater, testing wells with his hands, and Seth and I were in Philadelphia for an early appointment. I knew Sean was in Luke's good hands.

In the office a few minutes later, I was reminded once again of what good hands Seth was in with Dr. Penne. His double vision has improved by over half in just the two weeks following the surgery. That's good. There is more swelling inside to go, so hopefully it'll improve more in the coming weeks. As the doctor described the implant to me I simply couldn't have had more appreciation for the wonderful things people do with their hands. I mean, yesterday I weeded, worked in the kitchen, made a Rachael Ray recipe, drove, shopped...but this man went into my son's broken eye socket and fixed it! He studied and worked for years so he could help people like Seth keep the use of their eyes! Kinda makes me want to go out and save a small country or something.

On the way home I was waxing poetic over the man and his surgical prowess. Seth sat quietly and I noticed he wasn't wearing his seat belt. One slam of the brakes and all of Dr. Penne's work could be ruined. I can only hope (and lecture) that this experience might teach him about respecting himself, caring for his body, the life God has given him....the hands he gave him that have created wonderful music for most of his life. He is 17 though, not 44 - heck I'm still learning the same lessons. "Dr. Penne's work is good, amazing even," I scolded, "but it's not God's work! God made you perfectly and no one else can replicate that. There is no replacement for God's work. So respect the things you've been given!"

To think of all the things we've done with our hands. I raised three babies. Seth pulled a drowning young boy out of a pool. Stan helped to pull a drowning man out of a river on a rafting trip, both people were at their last moments. My dad drove a bus for years, carrying people from here to there. Yesterday as I shook the doctor's hand, I had a whole new respect for those who make a career of using their God-given hands to help others, doctors, nurses, soldiers, law enforcement. The list is endless, some heroic, some beautifying, some loving, some producing.

All of it God's hands in ours.


Paul Nichols said...

I know a publication that will trip all over itself just to get its hands on this remarkable piece. I'm serious, Jenny. If you want... Many more folks than your followers can benefit from this.

What an extraordinary perspective on something so ordinary.

Jennie said...

Thank you Paul. I immediately went back and edited after reading your comment. lol Yes! I want! But I haven't the first idea of how to get published. Maybe one of my followers could give me a clue...and I'm thinkin it probably isn't my buxom friend Chardonnay, or whatever her name was.

Mom said...

Beautiful post! God has given us hands to serve others, ourselves and Him.

Anonymous said...

Love this post Jen....

rosemary said...

Umm Jennie, I go by Riesling, not Chardonnay. i don't have a clue how to go about publishing....I know there are huge volumes of books in the Library that have names of publishers and how to contact them and submit exactly what they want. You are a writer of meaningful things, Jennie. Absolutely. Stunningly. Meaningful. And in closing i would like you to remember your dear friend Rosemariesling when you are a rich and famous author.