September 29, 2009

To Remember What It Feels Like to be 7 and 318/365ths Years Old

Recently, Sean was in the paper after he was one of two kids in an assembly about bullying who figured out a solution to a problem given by the presenter. Here's a small clipping of the article:

"It's all about the majority," said [presenter]. "If we can get those bystanders to stand up together against bullying, it will be most effective."

To illustrate this concept, [presenter] led second graders in a game that split them into teams and required them to get all the beanbags from the middle of the room inside their hula hoop. The game began as a mad dash to fill the individual team hoops until a couple of the students figured out the winning strategy each team working together to stack their hoops around the central pile of bags thereby making everyone a winner.

"We're always so concerned about 'me,' but if you care more about other people than yourself think how much you could change," said [presenter]. "Then we can all be winners. This game is about going out of your way for other people. Think about what good things you could achieve if you could apply that to real life."

The kids seemed to get the point by the end of the game, happy to share the win.

"You have to work together for everybody to win," said Sean [my boy!], 7. "That way nobody has to be sad if they lose."

"If you share then everyone wins and nobody cries," added Bryce [Sean's friend], 7. "It really works."


rosemary said...

i think Sean is an old soul....did he shout "I am king of the world!"

Paul Nichols said...

Hi. Here are your five words to bedazzle all your faithful readers. Thanks for playing and lemme know when you're finished. I'm sorry I'm slow/late getting them to you. I'm sick and about to have an adventure in a Cat Scan machine. So if you don't mind prayin' for lil ol' me...