October 27, 2009


In keeping with the warts and cyst, which his mother also received in 2nd grade, Pie got glasses yesterday. On my first day of seeing clearly, Scott Palesheski called out "Four Eyes!" when I entered Mrs. Hutton's 2nd grade class. He was also wearing glasses, big thick plasic square ones. I hope Sean's reception is a little kinder and gentler today. Ellie, Kaitlyn and Erin all wear glasses too and I don't think they'll be so callous. (Scott also used to kick me in the shins regularly, so I think there was something else going on there.)

It was a precious moment I may not forget, when we walked outside of Dr. Floyd's office to the car. This is what I heard, over and over: Oh my gosh! I think these glasses are really going to help me! Wow! Everything is really clear. Then he'd slip them off his nose and say, blurry...then he'd slip them back onto his nose and say, clear...
Mom, these things are really going to help me! How does glass do that? Help me see clearer? How does just glass help you see better? Wow, these are going to help me.


rosemary said...

Sean looks very scholarly. I hated my glasses when I was a kid, but now, they are my security blanket....hard to explain. When my daughter got her first pair of glasses, she accidentally on purpose left them at Olivera Street on a school field trip. She thought those were the only glasses she would ever get and figured if they were lost they would not be replaced. She had that Laser surgery several years ago...it failed and she still wears glasses....well, when she wants to see anyway.

Paul Nichols said...

Well, if they're helping him so much, show him a picture of ME! Okay, well then, show him a picture of My First Wife. He's still a handsome, self-confident boy. He'll do fine.

Hey, I notice that your blog title is properly bordered now. You fix it? Or did my browser adjust? Either way, looks very good.

Word verification riddle: What do ornery fish do with a pair of scissors? pirrami Ok, I'll groan.