October 10, 2009

A Few Things About My Blogs and One Thing About My Laptop

#1 When I look at my blog on my laptop, the words are tiny so I make them large. Then I go on our home computer and have to sit across the room to read it. And my title doesn't fit in my decorative box up top. How do you see my blog? I often wonder.

#2 I am so thankful for you who read this blog. I really enjoy writing about things that inspire my creativity or move me to speak and experiment with writing, but it'd be like a bicycle with one wheel without audience. It makes it so much more pleasurable and purposeful to write knowing that I have one. I especially love the individuals in my audience, you each have an important voice in my life. I think of you when I write and I believe that helps me write better. And when an occasional person wanders over because of an odd comment I've left on someone else's blog, I love that too and I hope they feel welcome to make themselves comfortable and chime in. It's so much more fun to have surprise visitors come to my blog, than say, my house. My blog is always clean and tidy, except for a comma or letter out of place here and there, and I never have to worry about my dog jumping all over the visitors.

#3 I want to create a new picture for my icon thing, but after the year I've had I can't take a picture as young and cute as that one any more. Perhaps I'll wait till I get to Aruba in November, I should look happy and rested there, right? Didn't I mention I'm going to Aruba in November? That's probably because I am worried about flying there, which also isn't helping my facial lines and bloating any. Yes, maybe I'll get an Aruba icon picture. I can be like those people who represent themselves as parachuting, diving, rock climbers when they're trying to get a date. It's Jennie, the world-travelling island hopper!

#4 I was asked in the last post if my sister reads this blog. As far as I know, she doesn't know it exists. Perhaps she does, she is quite clever and quiet, so I'd never know - JULIE? ARE YOU READING THIS BLOG? Now we'll sit and wait for an answer. It'll be a while.... Meanwhile, I actually haven't told many people in my 3-D life about my blog. My husband, my friend Jane...my kids...can't think of anyone else. Lately I've thought about linking it on my Facebook. In the beginning, I just wanted the freedom to write and slap down some stories and essays without thinking about who was reading them. I just needed to find my proverbial voice, what I wanted to say and how without thinking about someone else thinking, "I didn't know Jennie said/did/thought/was like that! Gosh, she's stranger than she lets on!" Now y'all know me almost as well as my 3-D folks do so I might as well spill the beans to them too, huh? I'll just have to go through my archives to make sure I didn't call anyone I know a tenacious clam or anything before I do. Oops.

#5 I haven't written much on my other blogs lately, the foreign films one or the memoir one. I do most of my film watching when I begin to hibernate in the winter, so that should pick up soon. I also plan to finish Natalie Goldberg's memoir guide book, that's been fun and a good way to record memories and use that voice.

{Guess What? My laptop takes pictures! I found that out one day when in my documents file I discovered a bunch of really super cute pictures of my oldest kid goofily hamming it up with his girlfriend, Sunny. I wish I could share them with you because they're adorable, but he forbid me to post them on my blog even though he put them on his MySpace. I don't think that's fair, do you? But...maybe I could talk him into just one. Sunny, by the way, has been, well, a ray of sunshine in his life...another blessing.}

So...what do you think about your blog?


CRAIG and DIANE said...

First, can I just say, you look like you are 20 in those photos. Seriously!

I too am so thankful for those that read my blog. After almost 4 years, I would have thought that they would have gotten bored with my musings, but yet, still there they are.

I totally enjoy your writings, and though I may not comment on every one, I have a sense of loss when you go days without posting.

Never stop Jennie, because if I couldn't live my life anymore, I would certainly love having yours, the good with the bad.

Mom said...

Your blog is just the right size on my computer, not too big and not too small.
This blogland place has become a community of friends for me. I feel like I know you. One day I will drive to New Jersey and enjoy some coffee with you. I want a grande sugar-free vanillia latte with skim milk. I would love to have a peek at your 3D world. I love reading your stories.
I was told that my blog is sappy. I guess it is, but I am a sappy soul so that is OK.

rosemary said...

Hum...so as I start this the word verification is: right...in bright red. I love your blog, Jennie....I love you like a daughter. Every blog I read makes me feel like I am a special friend; allowed into that person's world for a moment. It is an honor to be a part of your blog family. As for my blog....well,it started out as a way to have my children know more about me as a child and throughout the following years. Sometimes it is just stupid stuff and I am embarrassed after I post those blogs. The words trite, meaningless come to my mind. I wonder what it is that God has given a person that they can see the sky and draw the sky to perfection....and what has He given the wordsmith that they will write: "I really enjoy writing about things that inspire my creativity or move me to speak and experiment with writing, but it'd be like a bicycle with one wheel without audience."......because I don't have that whatever it is. It isn't exactly talent; it is more than a gift...but I don't know what the word is.

Your blog looks just fine on my laptop....yesterday it caught that illness that makes the blue screen of death come up and all I saw were the words "dumping files." I turned it off and cried. It is OK today, just slow...like me.

You are lovely you know, Jennie....I like the first picture. Lovely is better than beautiful, attractive or cute....lovely encompasses all of you, not just your face.

rosemary said...

Wait a minute.....wait just one darn minute.....you're going to Aruba? In November? Where the sun shines all the time? Hum.

Paul Nichols said...

I like that lowest picture. Your innocent "Who? Me?" look is something to write home about. Nice photo; better lighting would have helped...

I like blogging, although you probably noticed that I've slowed down alot this year. I don't preach (much) or get into politics or social yang-yangs, so I guess I'm just something of an entertainer, good at entertaining myself. Sometimes I post just for the writing exercise. At present, I have half a dozen posts that I haven't posted yet. I enjoy reading other people's blog, although it they get dirty quick or try to get by with poor English grammar/punctuation, then I meander somewhere else. I think I'm about ready to change away from Blogspot to somewhere else. I feel restricted. But we'll see.

By the way, your title doesn't fit on my monitor, either. "Bohemian" is on the next line "Xed" out by the border.

Word verif: inter. So I guess I'd better enter it if I want to post this.

the Provident Woman said...

The font is the perfect size. I have the same problem with mine. On one of my computers the font is huge and on the other it's itty bitty.

KimP said...

Your title fits just fine on my screen.

I like to read your blog, I think partly because I know you like to write and make the effort to create it in an interesting way so other people will want to read.

I started blogging to keep track of what we do - the old homeschooling mom's question of "Am I doing enough?" (And now they all say "How in the world do you get it all done?) It has morphed a bit into my own personal diary (with some of the juice parts edited out!). I love it when people give me feedback. Usually, it's orally from my family, but it's all very encouraging to me.

Keep it up - you do great! :-)