October 18, 2009

Yeah. Aruba.

You'd think I'd be happy. I am in a small way, but I'm mostly kind of disturbed that I'm going to Aruba. Here's how it started. My friend Coleen and I have a mutual friend who's a vet. (ernarian) She had plans to go to Aruba for business. Coleen said, "Hey! I want to leave the state of New Jersey!" And our other friend (whose 70th we just celebrated) is always up for travel, so she said she was in. Then I got a phone call, "Hey, Jen, we're going to Aruba. Wanna go with?" I breathed a deep sigh and told her through clenched teeth that I'd get back to her.

Then I probably slumped up to Stan with the situation, sighing.

Then I probably walked over to the huge world map in the computer room and cringed.

Then I thought about blue water and white sands and how I'll never see that in Atlantic City.

Pro and Con thoughts swam dizzyingly around my head for days...

pro - one of my goals in life is to sit on a white beach before a blue water and receive an umbrella-ed drink from a waiter.

con - I do not like flying.

pro - I could use a couple days off the continent.

con - But maybe not so high above it.

pro - I could use a few nights of slumber-partying with fun ladies.

con - I do not believe that it takes only 4 1/2 hours to fly to Aruba from my home. No matter what Shirley says.

pro - I got my passport! I have a passport!

con - I sorta look like a drug trafficker in my picture

pro - My friend Coleen assures me that we will have much fun in the sun.

con - I can't get that Funniest Home Videos episode out of my mind where the speed boat drags the heavy lady across the beach on her stomach before her parasail lifts her gracefully into the air.

pro - I need a vacation...to relax...

con - Me + turbulence = cartoon cat hanging by claws from ceiling.

pro - Think of all the pretty sunny blue and white pictures I'll be able to post when I get back home!

con - Think of the mess my entire life could be in when I come home to four males and a dog!

con - I'm a homebody, people!

pro - I should leave the house, state, country once in a while.

pro - Though I had weird fears of Aruba's close proximity to :/ Venezuela and its president Hugo Chavez, I could reassure myself by remembering that it is, in fact, a Dutch colony and Venezuela isn't going to invade the island any time soon....

con - Until Stan told me yesterday that the Venezuelan government took over the Hilton on Margarita Island. Which has absolutely nothing to do with the island of Aruba other than they're both off the coast of Venezuela.

Which is enough for me.

Anyway Coleen slapped me across the face and told me I was going.

So, yeah. Aruba. I'm going.

I'll be sure and send you a postcardpost.


KimP said...

I think it's fabulous that you're going. And you'll have a great time...when you're not in an airplane.

Soak up the sun!

Mom said...

We went to Aruba a couple of years ago. The beaches are beautiful. I loved the jeep tour to the other side of the island and a visit to an ostrich farm It was really neat. We had dinner at a table on a white sandy beach as the sun set. Absolutely beautiful. I want to see pictures.Have a wonderful time!

rosemary said...

never went to Aruba...went to Jamaica. Beautiful sand and water...I don't know how to swim....people were wonderful and lots of good food....and then the second hand smoke from the ganga made me forget all about home and the mess i was coming home to from the house sitter. forget about the men and have fun.

patty said...

jennie, i enjoyed reading your list of pros & cons,and for the record, i think I'd be more concerned with the 4 men and one dog being left@home, although the dog will probably do fine,lol!relax and enjoy your trip I'm sure it's well deserved.

Paul Nichols said...

Go, go, go!!!