November 17, 2009

El Dia Dos

Friday morning we had a nice breakfast, best waffles I've ever had, papaya which I don't really like but I ate it pretending that it grew wild on the island. (I don't think much of anything does except for lizards and tumble weeds.) Fresh squeezed orange juice, cheese frittata. I liked watching the birds eat the leftovers. There was a lot of animal action at the resort. Stray dogs on the beach, cats on the ledges, iguanas jumping into the pool and crawling under my lounger, parrots in cages, rude men at the bar. Kidding about that one. Once, while lounging, a tiny colorful bird flew millimeters past my big toe, up my body and zoomed millimeters past my ear.
This was one of my favorite sites on the beach - this little girl who sat quietly playing for what seemed like hours.

After that cuteness, we photographed each other. Not so cute, but it had to be done.

The fourth member of our party was there for a veterinarian convention, so she was late to the beach. She was learning about diabetes and ketosis and other diseases while we had our bloody marys.
Then I laid on my tummy and read but couldn't stop looking at this cutie pie. I think she was from South America, don't know why, just a hunch. I couldn't stop looking at her prancing around in her little scarf.

It was hot. Someone needed to get her a chair.
I took along Gift from the Sea to read and it was so good. Can't believe I haven't read it till now. And it was a perfect read for this vacation of rejuvenation and perspective. I also accomplished my goal.
A drink, a "Miami Vice" delivered to moi...lounging...white ocean.
Mission accomplished.
Must make new goal.

Then we went to Oranjestad for shopping. We traveled, packed like sardines on a steaming hot bus that blew our hair like a tornado and we liked it, darnit.

While in a t-shirt shop in Oranjestad, the clerk ringing up my purchase looked at me, cocked her head and asked, "Spanish?" I shook my head and said, "No?" She asked, "English?" I told her yes and then she told me the amount I owed in English. She caught me offguard because everyone spoke English to us, so I never even thought about a language barrier the whole time, but this island native thought I spoke Spanish. Coleen elbowed me and smiled because just the night before I had told my friends how people often think I'm from a different country. Romania, Libya!, Japan, Greece...I've had them all at one time or another. So, now I can add South or Central America to my list.

Dear Pop Pop, why didn't you tell anyone your story before you you became an orphan...from what country your parents originated...I'd really like to know sometimes to end that mystery. Or maybe I'll just continue to fancy being from Venezuela, Libya, Romania, Japan, Greece and America before the Pilgrims...and wonder which country I'll be from next.


Paul Nichols said...

You could be from the Heart of America.

I'm wondering how your lounger got into the pool.

You will not bleeve the WV: binge! Honest! I figure you musta had a great time.

rosemary said...

Diabetes,dogs on the beach and cuties....perfect. What is a Miami vice?

Jennie said...

A miami vice (recommended by the waitress) is a pina colada on top and strawberry marg or daq, not sure, on bottom. I didn't like it much, I don't like pina coladas, but I decided it was the islandy thing to do.