November 18, 2009

Goobers. And Our Bal.

I was seen daily in a foreign country with these goobers in their matching muumuus.
They had no shame.

Also, I'd like to share my balcony with you....please, come out, have a seat.
Wait. How wide are your hips? If you've had children, you may have to stand sideways.

Coleen and I liked to go out and listen to the lounge singers below. They even sang my wedding song, "Have I Told You Lately?" by Van Morrison. I texted Stan I WISH YOU WERE HERE! But, anyway, here's our balcony. We called it "bal," for short.

It did make an ideal place to dry my beach treasures.


Mom said...

Looks lovely in spite of a small balcony. One of my favorite Aruba memories was sharing my breakfast with a small bird sitting on the table and eating any crumbs I dropped nearby.

rosemary said...

Hum....I am a block of a woman....I wouldn't fit.....I love your collection of treasures.