November 16, 2009

Island Girl

I have never seen an island from the air before, a tropical island in the Caribbean especially.
I was so tickled to see these popping up in our window on our flight to Aruba.
And they made me more and more excited to get to our destination.
I think these here were Dominican Republic or Haiti.
(It's the DR, I just compared it to a satellite map - how fun!
I love Google.)
I don't know but it was sure neat-o.
Here's a cruise ship chugging through the Caribbean Sea.
And then when we got close to Aruba and dropped altitude a bit,
I was sure I could see sea turtles surfacing waving their paddley flippers at me to say Welcome!
So blue.


Mom said...

We do live on a blue planet.

Paul Nichols said...

That looks like a Delta plane. My son could have been your pilot. Down and/or back. Hmmm. He's been flying to South America a lot lately. We're going to Guatemala City with him pretty soon. Just for the free fun of it.

Pretty pictures. I like that last almost all blue one.

KimP said...

I have some local good friends who were on a Caribbean cruise at the same time. We'll never know, but it would be to crazy if that were the one you photographed!

KimP said...

too crazy - I really do know how to spell! Just not proofread, I guess. :-)