November 4, 2009

My First Order!

A new batch of leaves have just fallen! My cousin heard about my leaves from my aunt who saw my mom's leaf from last year and she needs a wedding gift for this weekend...for a couple who have a cool decorative pond in their yard.
So Joanna just placed an order for one!
This time I set up my kitchen counter to paint them.
That worked out well.

The colors, flat and solid just bored me this time, so I decided to add some gold.

Anyway, I thought gold might make a nice wedding gifty flavor.

And voila!
I'm absolutely loving these and want to make more ASAP. But I'm running out of leaves.
My elephant ear plants weren't very big or lush.
Must plant more next year.

This red one is my favorite. I don't know if I'm going to be able to give it away.

And I was newly inspired while I was painting them upside down. I have a fantastic idea for next Halloween that I'm going to work on next. I can't wait, it makes me laugh already!


Anonymous said...

Very VERY beautiful Jennie! Love them!
Amy G.

Paul Nichols said...

Beautiful, Jennie! Nice!

What keeps them from shattering later on? Can they be shipped across the country? Who knows, next year My First Wife might need a unique gift.

WV: "hanxzff."

Oh, excuse me. It's them darn allergies. Do you——"hanxzff"——have a tissue?

rosemary said...

My oh my....those leaves are beautiful....I'm thinking business here.

Mom said...

I love these. They are beautiful. You could sell as many as you can make.