December 31, 2009

Hodge Podge at the Christmas Lodge

I went away for Christmas and spent a large part of it blowing my nose and groaning. And I am still blowing my nose and groaning. I'm also blowing my nose. My forehead is splitting horizontally. I'm watching an old Benecio Del Toro movie so I would like to share various Christmas pictures with minimal thinking required. I hope you're Christmas was a good one!

There's Luke receiving French candy brought back by Blaise, my nephew, who's been living in France with his grandparents, working in his uncle's vineyard and learning to be an equestrian. And all we got was this lousy bag of candy. Actually I stole a few and they were delicious!! (And he also got an iTunes card too, cause that's what every 12 year old on the earth received this Christmas.)

This is Marie, my sister in law. We imported her from France and we
like her even and much more than the French candy.
She does not always have a giant blue pitcher attached to her chest.

Christmas Eve at Mama's. We didn't know it, but it is tradition there that
Cheyanne and Marguerite sit on the piano bench.

Here are Chey and Marg in the rocking chair.

This is Jeanne, another favorite sister in law. Stan's sister. Goat farmer.
Me in Marg's hat for some reason. Sean in giant pipe cleaners, for obvious reasons.

Charles, one of Marie's sons and also attached to a giant blue pitcher.

Out at Jeanne's farm with little Leo, new great grandchild.

Up at Jeanne's barn waiting for a goat to become a mommy,
which she didn't do for us before we left.
Jeanne's goats have minds of their own
and will not be rushed into kidbirth for a few nosy boys.

Oh, there's Sean and Mama putting stuff out for Santa and reindeer, she doesn't have a chimney.
Leo likes the ABC thing we got him.

The kids always sit in the "pit group" at Mama's. It looks like Marie is wearing a Santa hat, but that's hanging on the coat tree behind her. Tee hee.
And Stan always falls asleep there no matter what.

And there's me in the mirror unknowinglyso cleverly including myself in the picture.

Jeanne and her grandchild Leo.

Josh received and enjoyed a box.
Blaise got lower chaps for Christmas Eve and wore them for two days. We thought he kinda looked more German than French there for a minute. I love Blaise, he's such a great kid.

Thomas got an Indiana shirt! There's always one in the bunch.

Mama's traditional required Christmas tree photo.

Sean likes Mama's. There's a constant flow of lemonade and hugs.


Mom said...

I think I need a giant blue pitcher.

Paul Nichols said...

Wellb, I thingk I agweed w' you. I'm constantly [snork] bwowing my node, too. Headache.

We had a nice Christmas, and except for a 36 hour blizzard, it was uneventful.

These are really good photos. I particularly like the one with the barn and fence and would like to snatch it for my Barn and Fence Foto Pholder. May I? And yes, I admire the way you cleverly slipped yourself into the mirror/photo. Almost can't see you. Good job.


Happy New Year to you, Stan and the boys. Wishing you many blessings in 2010.

rosemary said...

A cold virus on Christmas.....shame on that virus. You know....I'd like that blue pitcher, a box the same size and a tree that looks like Mama's next year.....boxes come in handy. I had to laugh at the lower chaps wearing....whenever I got new shoes as a kid I took them to bed with me....even now I will wear new shoes to at least clean house in. I have some candles that I think smell like Benicio would.

Jennie said...

I really must know what scent those candles are Rosemary. Benicio scented candles....I just really don't know. Musty? Sickeningly sweet? Cigarettes? Anyway, if it wouldn't explode my head all over the bedroom wall, I'd have really laughed at that comment.

Jennie said...

Paul, please take and enjoy the barn picture. I liked it too!

rosemary said...

The scent is: Havana by Archipelago

Take your pick....Benicio, Javier Bardem, a young Antonio Banderas, a very young Cesar is the most masculine, sexy dreamy scent ever. I have three diffusers with the scent and candles all over the place. Every single person that comes in the front door will ask me "What is that wonderful scent?" Serious sexy, Jennie.