December 19, 2009

I Thought I Was a New Jersey Mountain Dog

My little one has forgotten from whence she came. I found her curled up at the back door pleading with her eyes. Please let me in.

My New Jersey boys have no trouble freezing their tushies in the snow for hours, but our Bernese (that's Bern, Switzerland, I was told) Mountain Dog is cold. The problem is that she has lost so much of her fur IN MY HOUSE that she is now vulnerable to the harsh New Jersey winter.
I've snuggled her onto her bed in front of the fire, the poor little one.


rosemary said...

Questions: How much does ruby weigh? How much does she shed? What is her personality? How old is she now? I started reading your blog when she was a wee babe. She is beautiful.

Mom said...

Poor doggie. She does look like she needs to lie by a worm fire.

Jennie said...

Weight: Ruby's about 75-80 lbs. She was the runt of her litter and the males are quite big.

Hair: I don't have anything to compare it to besides a 185 lb great dane - doesn't COMPARE. Josie's hair didn't float, it stayed in the corners like dog hair should. There's no telling where Ruby's hair will appear. Bleck.

Personality: She's very sweet, fiesty (her sister was a bump on a log) and when people come over she sits on their feet with her back against their legs and looks up backwards at them, begging for love. If you touch her hind quarters, she'll bite at you.

She'll be three February 24th, two days before Luke turns 13. :)
She's a very good dog. Her mom's owner told us that Ruby's mom comes to her every night since her husband died, puts her head on her chest after she lays down to sleep as if to say good night, then goes down to her own bed. She also has a golden retriever and she says that her Bernese is actual more of a people dog than the golden. Oh, a when we feed Ruby she turns around as she's eating a looks at us for a moment every time to thank us. So cute.