December 6, 2009

I'm Sick. What's On T.V.?

A couple adopt a robotic boy to replace their son while he is in cryo-stasis due to an incurable disease, but when medical advances cure their real son, the android journeys to become a real boy and regain his "mother's" love.

A psychotic bomber rigs a Los Angeles city bus with explosives that will detonate if the bus slows to less than 50 miles per hour and a member of the LAPD bomb squad has to find a way to rescue the passengers before the bus runs out of fuel.

A psychiatrist tries to save mankind from an extraterrestrial epidemic.

When terrorists attempt to kill the Vice President, a Detroit detective violates orders to protect him, and for his insubordination, he is transferred to the worst precinct in the city, where he discovers police officers selling drugs to dealers.

A former CIA assassin suffering from amnesia returns to the United States to track down the people responsible for making him what he is and to shut down the secret department that refuses to step sending agents to eliminate him.

In the future of an American torn apart by a second Civil War, the owner of a popular night club who moonlights as a bounty hunter becomes involved in a political cover up after she is asked to smuggle a fugitive scientist out of the country.

A brilliant military scientist fears he is the last human on Earth when a strange new plague is unleashed on mankind, and as the only one who is immune to the deadly virus, he must find a cure while there is stil time to act.

An FBI agent with a mission and a rogue DIA agent set on revenge put aside their differences to work together to stop a mutual adversary, who has acquired a deadly weapon that can be injected into a victim's body and triggered to kill at any time.

Really, what in the world is going on?


Mom said...

You could add the evening news to your list of horror shows.
I suggest you turn on some lovely music and just enjoy something beautiful.

KimP said...

Is this for real? I think I just remembered, again, why we don't have a TV!!!

rosemary said...

Are you feeling better? What do you have....5 little piggies?

Paul Nichols said...

Are you well yet? Hope so.

Shammickite said...

Are those really TV shows?
Is that stuff considered "Entertainment"?
Not in my world.

Jennie said...

These weren't tv shows, they were movies on the movie channels, like HBO etc. We get them for free because Verizon continually overcharges us every month...and the movies aren't always so atrocious. But that was quite a grouping huh? :/