December 13, 2009

Sunday's Brush With Fame

Pioneer Woman herself - on our east coast!
Today was the last official day on her cookbook tour and Seth and I went on over to West Chester, PA in the pouring rain and had the pleasure of meeting her. I bought her cookbook for a friend of mine who loves to cook great things for her family's meals. It was fun to see Ree in person, she was just like she is on her blog, very sweet and personable. I think she said something sweet and personable to each and every person who came to her table. She even sang some Ethel Merman for us. I guess I fell asleep there for a second in the was a long wait - she has scads of fans! Her blog link is over in my blogroll, case you've never wandered on over to her pasture. Or into her kitchen. Or seen her photography. You could spend all day there, it's a great blog.

I was 206 in line for signing (out of around 230, I'd say) so we had plenty of time for lunch and browsing. Seth and I had a good lunch in the bookstore cafe, caesar salad and cream of onion soup and some good coffee. Tomorrow she'll be back in Oklahoma and that's good. As much as we liked her here visiting, we look forward to some more stories about Marlboro Man, Charlie, the punks and sunsets over the ranch. Nice to meet you PW!


Paul Nichols said...

Hey, great! I read her blog occasionally. I just checked: I could have gotten her autographed book right here in The Big City. I guess I don't read her blog occasionally enough, huh?

CRAIG and DIANE said...

How exciting for you! I have made so many of her recipes and have loved every one of them. I've even learned to love the extra inches they seem to put on my thighs too. Her blog is a daily read for me.