December 1, 2009

This Just In

In sifting through Sean's stacks of school papers, I came across a paper titled Then and Now. There's a vertical pencil line down the center and six little colored scenes glued on one side or the other.

On one side there is a father and son hunting in knickers. On the other, a father and son in a grocery store. Below these there is a candle on the bedside table in one and an electric lamp in the other picture. A lady bends over a fire with a kettle, a lady bends over an oven.

Sean's handwriting is on the bottom of the page:

Long ago they did not have MP3 players now we have MP3 players.
And they had deer skin clothes now we have lether.

You heard it hear first.


Mom said...

Times have changed. I can't keep up, but I think Sean will be OK in this changing world.

Paul Nichols said...

I think I heard it hear first. Or did I hear it here furst?

rosemary said...

Very clever as a whip I'd have to say. After-all....MP3 players changed the world as we know it now...

Paul Nichols said...

Then we only dreamed of MP3 players. Now our grandkids have them.

I wear deerskin boots. Alla time.