January 16, 2010

Climb Every Mountain, la la la la

Two things bother me about The Sound of Music. It's not the matching play outfits made out of curtains. It's not really the fact that the outside of the house has huge stately windows all around the front door and the inside has none. It's not even when the nuns disable the cars of the Nazi guys chasing Maria and her new family. I mean, what would you do?

I like The Sound of Music, who doesn't? The running, singing, carrying the guitar case...the good night song - cuc-koooo....the brown paper packages....the learning to sing scales running through the streets of Salzburg...and c'mon, how cute was it when Gretl's finger got caught in Friedrich's teeth? But I have two problems.

One is the whole "Climb Every Mountain" scene. Is Maria a nun or what, first of all? I can't seem to figure it out, maybe she's just a practice nun, but certainly if she is a nun I can't imagine the mother superior providing her with such counsel as she does. Nuns are married to Jesus, right? I'm not Catholic, so I really have no idea what I'm talking about, but assuming they've vowed themselves to being a nun, what would possess the mother superior to immediately break into song about trying out everything in life until you find your dream the second one of them got strangely warmed by a dude in uniform? Can you imagine going to your preacher to discuss the confusion of falling for someone else when you're already married and having the guy go to the window and start wistfully and powerfully singing, "Climb every mountain, ford every stream, follow every rainbow till you find your dream!" I always think that scene is so weird!

So then she goes to her Captain and he loves her and she loves him and she's all, wow, how can this be happening? So she breaks into song and again sorry, but this bugs me. She says she must have done something good since this is happening to her. Nothing comes from nothing, nothing ever could so somewhere in my youth or childhood, la la la la la. Yes Maria, you flibbertyjibbet, nothing comes from nothing! Everything good comes from God, remember? You've only just left the abbey hours ago and already you've forgotten.

Sigh. How do you solve a problem like Maria and that wacky mother superior?


Mom said...

You just break into song and never ever think too hard.

rosemary said...

Well, being a Catholic of sorts here is how it goes....in grammar school you are told you will be a nun or priest. Then you decide to go to a Catholic High School where you are told again...and again x 3498. Then you go into the convent, marry Jesus, get a plain gold band, meet Father Dignan at Santa Teresita's, fall in love and you both leave the "calling", get married and have 4 kids. Or, you are Sister Leonis and you meet Officer Morgan who is the grammar school officer and you give him a back rub and two of the Girl Scouts...Bea and rosemary...see you do this and you leave the convent and marry Officer Morgan after he divorces his wife. The End.

rosemary said...

I never heard a nun sing BTW...except during Mass and then it was depressing.

Paul Nichols said...

My First Wife and I saw that movie in a theater back in 1695 when it first came out. It ran for over a year in that theater. That's right.

When it comes on TV we change the channel immediately. (What if our grandkids come in? Yikes!) What I liked about those nuns and their mechanical expertise: they yanked all those wires out but never got any dirty grease and oil on their dainty little hands or habits. What a life.

BTW: I had to change the WV because it was really close to obscene. FYI.

sarah said...

she's not married yet. just "engaged." not sure it makes MS's advice any less strange...

Julie said...

Never met a nun that was that nice - or pretty...snicker snicker..

Enjoyed my visit..