January 21, 2010

Why Do I Dread The Post Office?

On my list of things to do today (grab a cup of tea, this is going to be captivating) I had:

mailing boots to Jeanne
mailing book to Amy
mailing letter to Betty
calling to make doctor appointment
calling to check to see if a lab slip is still valid to use
find that lab slip
(sift through hundreds of pieces of paper in three locations including the attic to find that lab slip)
calling Stephanie about that thing I was supposed to help her with two months ago
mailing school pictures to mother in law, long overdue

So I went to the gym.
I didn't want to do that either but lifting weights and 20 minutes of level 2 hills on the eliptical seemed less formidable.

I have to believe that other people have things on their list they dread doing and I'm not talking about chopping wood, carrying water, digging wells, walking nine miles to the market and home again with large baskets on their heads. I'm talking about writing a short note to a lovely lady who wrote me a lovely note months ago. And why does going to mail something at the post office fill me with so much dread that I refuse to even think about it until I literally have to march myself there with a gun at my temple? (I did. I had my son's Nerf gun, marching down the street.) And a letter is bad enough but mailing something that requires a box? Downright vapor-locking.

Today I was throwing some old children's boots into a box for my great nephew - a new post office box that we already had available in our home! - and it's something I've been avoiding it for weeks. It's as if there were a black mamba in the basement guarding the boots, a brown recluse in the mailing box waiting to bite me, a terrorist at the post office threatening to - well, no it's not quite that bad but it is ridiculous. Then I skip into the post office and back out again and think what is my prob-lem??? Then I'm filled with so much pride that I actually accomplished that mission that I want to drive around the block and get myself a latte to celebrate. I didn't do that today, but I admit, I did send this text to Amy afterward in my van: Mission accomplished.

Shew. It's a good thing the world has me, doin' all these brave deeds, holdin' it up.

And calling to make a doctor's appointment, I mean, what in the world is the big deal - it took me three minutes! The lady on the other end was quite pleasant and she gave me an appointment without requiring any strange unavailable information that might send me searching in file cabinets, like the name of the doctor who removed my plantar warts in second grade or the number of times I went to the student health center in college. A few numbers read off my insurance card, a birthdate or two and voila, I'm going to the doctor's in February, it's that easy folks.

I must admit here that I have not yet called Stephanie about that thing, nor have I called about the lab slip but these are things I will tackle tomorrow when I get my strength back.

Now, please do tell. You dread anything?


Julie said...

Every night when I get home from work - after a 70+ minute drive, I have to clean out 2 stalls, feed 8 horses, 6 sheep, 4 dogs and 4cats in the dark...but I don't dread it. I would not change it for the world...

Now - digging post holes by hand..that I hate!

Enjoyed visiting your blog.

rosemary said...

Having to walk on ice to even get to my mailbox. I dread phone calls....never good news these days; I dread looking at the mail that I risked breaking limbs to get....never good mail these days like a thank you note. I dread getting older and older until I am decrepit and have to depend on....well, depends. See.....rosemary, a little ray of sunshine!!

KimP said...

Yep - I have wrapped Christmas presents sitting in my room to mail to my nieces and nephews. Hello! Christmas is so over! Cleaning off my computer desk (it took 5 minutes this afternoon), dusting, coming home to an unmade bed (that takes two minutes to make, tops), and going to bed.

Paul Nichols said...

I dread doctors' offices. I guess that's one reason I ended up in the hospital for over $50K of gall bladder removal. Sheesh!

I used to dread paying bills. Kept putting it off till "next week." Well, then we went on a debt management rampage and got debt free. After that, paying bills was a lot of fun, so easy and so rewarding. We had so much control!

Then I ended up in the hospital for over $50K worth of...

Now I dread paying bills again. But I do it, little by little.

WV: biled

Jennie said...

are you kidding? biled??? I'm telling you, sometimes I thing these things are rigged.

Mom said...

I dread making phone calls to request anything from anybody. Phones are scary.

Amy said...

I am so glad you DID mail that book! :)
I have to say the things you dread are the same I dread. Seth has been asking me to mail him something for over a month and I still haven't done it yet! I have just GOT to do it today.
Also, I dread calling doctors but that is for a different reason. Because if I call them, it means I actually have to go in, and that is the worst part, for me anyway.
In addition, I HATE going shopping! To the mall, stores, even the grocery store.
Hmmmm, in short...maybe I just dread leaving the house?! LOL!