February 10, 2010

Where Am I?

This is today, outside my window.
This was last week, on my back porch?

and in my front yard?

and on my front walk? I do recognize the shoveler.

This is today.

It's coming down again. And maybe just as much.
And where, pray tell, are we supposed to put it this time?

And why didn't this happen 35 years ago when I could have really enjoyed it?!


rosemary said...

Steve said Stan needs a tractor. is Stan a tractor kinda guy? Steve says they are wonderful.

rosemary said...

Oh, PS....welcome to my winter world....usually.

CRAIG and DIANE said...

As Rosemary alluded to, last year was our turn in the Northwest, thankfully Mother Nature is sharing the joy of a winter wonderland with the East this year.
Here's hoping you stay warm and safe until the Spring thaw!

Wonder Girl said...

Hi! I am new to this blogging thing. I just started my first one 2 days ago and came across your page while looking for blogs to follow. I really enjoyed seeing the pictures of all the snow! I live in Upstate NY on Lake Ontario and would love to have that snow but it keeps missing us! We are winter people and so far haven't had much of one LOL. I am blogging about my beloved dog whom passed away last fall. I am telling his life story through some of my most memorable memories of him if you're interested in reading it. Hopefully you guys will catch a break with the snow and send it our way!

Mom said...

I feel your pain. Our part of the world has been closed all week with our double blizzard.

Paul Nichols said...

Oh, sweet baby. Sheesh!