March 31, 2010

My Sister's Birthday

My friend (maybe that should be in quotation marks) gave me elephant poop paper for my birthday. It's actual paper that is made from actual elephant poop. I've only used it twice. The first time, I wrote my son who was away for a month. I told him what it was, included a tag of paper from the box so he'd know it was true and he said he showed it to all the guys and a few ate a corner of my letter just to say they'd eaten elephant poop. Naturally. We're talking about teenage boys, they're not going to admire my penmanship - they're going to eat elephant poop if they get the chance!

Today, on my sister's birthday, I didn't have a card. I actually looked and saw none that fit the situation perfectly. Heh, funny, I never thought of it that way...I couldn't find a card that said all the right things, so uh, here's some elephant poop.

Here's what I wrote:

There once was a sister of mine,

Who grew to be age 39.

Right words on a card

Were, to find, rather hard -

And a present alone isn't fine!

So I pondered a while during Lent,

And came up with a nice sentiment.

A pen I then found and wrote it all down

Right on this elephant excrement!

Oh and Happy Birthday.


Paul Nichols said...

You've got class. I would have sent my sister dog poop. And not pre-flattened, either.

You won't tell her I said that, will you? ;)

zatersep ???

Jennie said...

If I had her address Paul, I'd write her a note for ya ~wink wink~. I do have a couple peices left. I do like getting in on sister teasing whenever possible.

Mom said...

I always wanted a sister. I felt cheated having only brothers. Hope you are always thankful for your sister and that she understands that nothing says I love you better than elephant poop.

kristen said...

And the top picture of the two of you is very sweet.