March 15, 2010

Sean & Lukey's Lonely Hearts Club Band

Beatles are big around here, I don't know about your part of the world. These kids (and the other one) got Beatles Rock Band for Christmas and it was not a gift that gathers dust. Unlike my basement, which is also known as "The Holding Cell." I was so excited years ago when we fixed it up so I could banish them to it they could go down there and mess it up. And look, my dream came true! There's no telling how long that bowl of cereal has been there, or those other dishes and cups on the bar! Isn't it freeing?!
Back to the Beatles though. This 8 year old has come to know the lyrics of many Beatles tunes and this 13 year old's iPod is full of Beatles tunes, not to mention his closest full of Beatles t-shirts.

There may be a reader or two here that does not have Beatles Rock Band. I've only used it once when I felt guilty about having next to zero interest in it, though I walk by this scene on my way to the laundry room often. There is a video on the screen which has lyrics and also shows the guitar player or drummer where to play along with the music and the players try their best to sing on tune and drum on the beat, etc. If you don't keep up, the music starts to drag.
And it helps to wear sunglasses. The thing I like best about this game is that all three of my boys, 8, 13 and 18, can play together. It's cool. It always makes me happy to see them together. Wait. As I post this I'm looking at what's supposed to be a window to the right of that clock and notice that I am seeing a blue blanket jammed in the window well instead of a green cafe curtain that's usually there - but guess what!? That doesn't matter in the Holding Cell! All bets are off. Hanging pictures are off...the time on that clock is off...the chip clip for that bag of potato chips on the table is off, laying on the floor behind Sean... And that's okay, it hardly even bothers me, as you can tell. And speaking of bothering.

Tonight I was asking Luke after dinner if his braces were bothering him. He recently got rubber bands to adjust his jaw. He said no. Shrugged. Cool Hand Luke. This child had one bout of crying his entire childhood, and that includes toddler years. One. And that was because his Daddy and older brother left to go somewhere and he was left standing at the door...and he was around 3...and I just stood and watched because I'd never seen that before. So I asked him tonight, "Does anything bother you Luke?" Shrug. Now I'm getting annoyed. I leaned in, challenged him, "Name three things that bug you. Go!" He was slouched in the kitchen chair. "Mosquitoes..........................................Sean.........."
He shrugged.
Couldn't even think of three.


Mom said...

I tried it once. Rock band is hard. You have to be young to be a rock star.
I love Luke's attitude.

Paul Nichols said...

My brother-in-law is a musician; mostly a pianist. He's 40+. He has that Beatles Rock Band and when we were in his home last Dec, it went and went and went and went... It's downstairs, which leads out to both a hot tub and a swimming pool. I digress.

Anyway, that room's walls are covered with framed Beatles posters, autographed Paul McCartney Posters, tickets and photos. It's a beautiful room. (His wife is a neat freak, otherwise there would be dirty dishes, plastic drink cups and 'to go' boxes all over the place.)

And the huge living room upstairs has more of the same kind of wall hangings. All framed. In the LR is a carpet. There is a piano upon it. That's the whole of the furniture for that room. But it's beautiful.


Paul Nichols said...

Oh, and is that handsome vocalist holding a Wii thing-a-ma-jig, too? Multi-tasker of the highest order!

rosemary said...

Steve's office beats your holding cell by pistachio shells, water bottles, a litter box, cat hair, 3 dozen dog toys, 100 boxes from 1998 etc., etc., etc. I have never had the pleasure of playing the Beatles Rock Band....but Rubber Soul is my favorite album (yes, I still play the vinyl version).