March 21, 2010

To Grandmother's House to Get Photographed Strangely

All of these were taken at my grandmothers' houses.
This was my Grammy's house. Mom and Uncle Joe behind me. Same refrigerator exists today in the same place. I cleaned it last spring. My uncle has died, my mom looks almost the same and I feel a lot like this usually.

Grammy always put these curler things in our hair. I don't know why I was patting a turkey. Or why there were kitchen towels over all the chairs. Or why I have a little baby fork in the other hand. Maybe it was frozen and I was trying to chisel my hand off of it.

My mom made this nightie. Look at my toes.

Nothing's changed here. I'm still a hearty eater...around the crib yo...

They tell me I loved Grammy's "gook". So she photographed me with it a lot, there's a whole little book of Jennie & goose pictures. On the back of this one, Grammy wrote: Oct 1966 Gook kissing Jennifer

Now, this is a shame. That's my dad holding me like a Thanksgiving turkey and my Nana in the background admiring my rolls.

Believe me, people do not find this after dinner routine as cute as they used to. I stopped it some time ago.


Mom said...

Wonderful pictures that invoke happy times.

rosemary said...

If I didn't looking at that wallpaper...that you were the kid, I would swear you were your mom!!! The curler thingys were called "spoolies." Did you call the goose gook? My mom had a bird...a canary...that was called bup because that was how I said bird. Love, love the pink were a healthy baby!!! Love these photos, Jennie.

kristen said...

giggling greatly at the last picture and comments!

the picture with the gook and the commentary on the back of it is just precious.

funny how some days I miss my gramma terribly. I've been having those days lately. perhaps I'll do some scanning scanning soon and do something similar.