April 15, 2010

More PA Pictures Just Because

Don't you always need to know who's living in holes? I do.
There's always at least one who's about to fall off a cliff.

Sean needed to check the wording here. Stan had read it: ...Attempts to dominate nature and its processes are misdirected. Mankind stands to gain much more from an effort to understand nature and change their underwear daily.
This house. This house. A message to the owners:
You've lived here long enough. It's my turn now.

I see hearts everywhere.

This will wash off! I'm hopin'.

One of my children was up in there somewhere, naturally.

That one.

The end.


kristen said...

I very much enjoyed the pictures! Sorry I've been absent for so long. I will try to catch up and endeavor to write more on my blog.

polwig.com said...

Love the tree photos... the root one is crazy and amazing at the same time...


Paul Nichols said...

You know what to do with the business end of a camera, don't you. Great stuff. I enjoyed them all--and your comments with them.

Now I'm off to take a shower becuz the WV is "scentomi." Hey, when a computer notices, it's baaaaad, huh?

Mom said...

Lovely pictures

Jennie said...

Thanks everyone. Paul - too funny!