April 27, 2010


Pop Pop is 96 today!

Still likes presents.

Sean got him a fedora to replace the one Pop Pop gave him.

Auntie Joyce loved her day with Sean and vice versa.

Sean decided to try and break his garden lap record.

My cuz John Tuz cheered him on. He remembers fun in the garden too.

My kids have more freedom in the garden than we did since...

Pop Pop quit gardening a few years back due to the fact that ...

he'd been doing it for 85 years by then.
Ever done anything for 85 years straight?
He plowed with a horse when he was about 8, his dad was a career farmer.

Then Sean challenged John to a race to the house ...

"and back," he added after John had agreed.

Nothing like running in Pop Pop's garden.

Or climbing that tree over and over.

More birthday wishes for Pop Pop from his sister.

"You comin' down?"

"No, I'm not coming down, I'm calling you!"
I mean, how many birthdays is she responsible to celebrate with this guy?
Their dad lived to 101.


Mom said...

How very wonderful!

Paul Nichols said...

Terrific! Happy Birthday, Pop-Pop.


rosemary said...

Holy schmoly have I missed a lot....vacations, rocks, donuts, prayers,adorable boys and happy family photos, birthdays and a bird....whooooyah. Love you Jennie....I have missed you the most and I don't care who reads this!

Jennie said...

Awwww! Thanks, I missed you a lot Rosemary. =)