April 11, 2010

We Love Pennsylvania

Falls and a gorge...I held Sean because...
his brothers were calling him...
It wasn't long before I lost sight of Luke & Seth
which I'm glad for, because it got steeper and
more irresistible to them as we climbed.

Entering old train tunnel

where I crunched my ankle in the dead center.It be dark in there.
I don't know what this was but...
everyone had to look in...
through the window.
Luke discovered his falls.
Sean discovered his love.

Seth discovered that he needs to travel alone if
he wants to climb without his mother yelling at him.

5 years apart. Look who's gonna be taller
Racing the van...bloody nose issue

Look who else has to race the van

How fast did I go!?!?!?
Boulder Field
Some geological ice age issue...
I figured with all the tourists...
if everyone took one rock home with them...
they'd have that mess cleaned up in no time.
Maybe I'll use the above picture for our Christmas cards:

Things have been rocky...

Views from our cabin

Hawk mountain hike

Not a real bird

What a view

the valley's nice too. :)

Mom, why don't we come here every weekend???


Paul Nichols said...

When you all have fun, you all have fun.

Say, can we get one of those Christmas Cards? We'll put it on the refrigerator--our standard place of honor.


Amy said...

Loved all the pics Jen.
Apparently everyone had lots of fun! It truly is a beautiful place-that Pennsylvania. How nice it isn't far from you at all too!

Mom said...

Beautiful place. Beautiful people.

Jimena said...

I think it´s awesome!. I´m from Argentina and I found those pict. great!.

Jennie said...

I've always been enchanted by Argentina, never been there. :)

kristen said...

Wow! I love love love these pictures - and the found hearts too! The pictures of the boys racing the van - priceless - loved the big giant smiles. And the one of Sean with no feet touching the ground? Most excellent!