April 16, 2010

What Is On Your Kitchen Table?

I just looked at mine and was momentarily transfixed.

1 pineapple

2 avocadoes

3 beets + greens

a Chuck E Cheese "Extreme member card"

Anne Rice's Called Out of Darkness

Large glass jar of dog treats

stackable melamine bowls (these)

handmade name tag

2 report cards (all very good except one little box marked with a "minus" for talking too much. See photo of the Extreme member card above.)

birthday card, signed, never sent

a black rubber bracelet

Clean Cotton" Yankee candle room spray

pottery chip and dip bowl

chicken roaster

a group of red paper shapes (triangles, squares and that one shape that looks like a rectangle that somebody sat on)

a folded up piece paper with Bible verses about addiction

a vegetarian cookbook (this one)

blue tortilla chips

a cycling catalog (no one here cycles)

Anything interesting on yours?
Please don't reply something like a clean white pressed tablecloth and a crystal vase of tulips. Oh heck, go ahead, but do leave a picture so I can enjoy it!


Mom said...

pen, paper, scotch tape, a letter opener several Sky & Telescope magazines, and some napkins - not as interesting as your table

katie @ lemonade rain said...

at this moment, i would expect a seven month old duck toller puppy to be on my table, the devious thing..
excellent idea for a post :) i enjoyed it very much

kristen said...

If I'd seen this on almost any other day, I would have been able to put a gazillion things. But today, miraculously, it has only on of my MIL's table cloths with 4 matching napkins and a vase with my sweet peas in it.

Normally, it is the victim of being a flat surface which clearly equals Stuff Collector.