May 9, 2010

Bionicle Woman

This is an appropriate post for Mother's Day.

Once in a while, maybe once a year, I feel the overwhelming urge to organize every thing in my house. I just reorganized basement closets, shelves and cubby holes. The attic closet has a whole new outlook on life. And stuff? I have yard sale stuff, give away stuff, donate stuff.

These Bionicles gave me agita. For a while there, every birthday party came with boys bearing Bionicles, every Christmas saw a few under the tree. Fun for a while, but now I have a box full of empty containers. (That sentence is ridiculous, no?) And another box full of parts, so I asked Luke if he might like to put together thousands of pieces so we could store them properly for my grandchildren. He said, "No. Not really."

So I dumped them out, put on a movie and then I strategically asked little one if he would go ask Luke some pressing Bionicle question. Soon Luke appeared and began building.
Meanwhile, I sorted, but it is hard for me to sort if I don't have corresponding names to go along with the piles. Masks, faces?

Weapons? Ski thingys for feet? And there were wheely things that help arms move and shin area type pieces and Feet/boots. And bodylike area parts. I tried my best.

He finished a few and then he wandered off mumbling something like, "I don't want to do this anymore."

So it was me, Megan Ryan, Kevin Kline and a table full of Bionicle parts.

I threw it all into one box and am saving it for the next time I feel like doing a puzzle.

Or punishing Luke.


Mom said...

Isn't being a mother fun!

rosemary said...

The era of my kids included Transformers but they were called something else and they only broke didn't come apart. I don't like doing puzzles.

ecoartisthealer said...

My son said he wish he could have been there to help he enjoys putting Bionicle parts together

ecoartisthealer said...

my son said he wish he could have helped he enjoys putting Bionicle parts together :)