May 22, 2010

There Was a Spring Dance in Town

This is my niece Nina Jane.
She said she could wear that dress every day.

Son #2, 13.25 years, 5 ft 9.5in.
His hips come up to my rib cage.
These are some of the peeps with whom he is educated. The girls (and there were lots of 'em) were on the other side of the property, until I mentioned that I'd like to get a picture of Luke and his "date." She happily popped right over and desegregated.
This is the fine young lady who told two friends who told two friends who told two friends that she would like to be accompanied by Luke to the spring dance. And he said, "Alrighty!" (Or some junior high equivalent.) Though he would not act like it when mother was organizing the picture.
Only when her big sister did. I would wear that dress every day ...if I were her.
With Da.
Calling Zack.

"Hey, we're getting outnumbered here at Julia's! Need more guys! Come quick!"

News break - Luke and his older brother
are out right now at a park and I just received this text:

We found a cat.

I wish
we lived closer to Idaho at
the moment. I know a fine shelter

Getting back to my Nina Jane. So the word was there were a lot of crying girls at the dance. My sister asked Nina, "Just the sixth graders?" "Yeah, the ones in my class," she sighed, "and I think it's going to get worse before it gets better." Truer words.....


Mom said...

I do love teenage boys. They are so cute. Girls are cute too - but boys and girls are different!

rosemary said...

Wonderful photos....if son#2 comes up to your rib cage....if you didn't have those shoes on where would he hit? Your head? I'll take the cat...needs to be flown first class in its crate and with all of the necessary cat accouterments, food and child support will be in the amount of $100/month. You were talking about me in Idaho right? Or do you have another cat lover friend in Idaho?

Paul Nichols said...

Spring dance...When I was in 8th Grade a girl friend named Kay invited me to a Sadie Hawkins Dance (our version of Spring). I went. Well, lookee here! Within this past month, we have reconnected again (via phone)for the first time since high school. We were always good friends and I included her in my book (Page 201, "First Dance.")

I hope your Tall Hand Luke has great memories and great lifetime friendship with his pretty date.

"ebapers" WV

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