June 5, 2010


Isn't it weird that there are books with pictures of tattoos in a tattoo shop? When a person is compelled to imprint something on their skin permanently, you would think they'd already know what exactly that was before they showed up at the shop. Perhaps there are two different reasons for getting tattoos. (At least.) One is - I want to have ink permanently injected into my skin. I think I'll do that in the form of a picture or words....any ideas? The other is - I love Elvis and I'm gonna have his picture on my arm forever.

I have considered a tattoo only once and not very seriously. I nursed all of my boys and often, when I'd lift their little head off my arm, there would be a cute little pink imprint of their ear on my forearm. And I would cherish the little thing until it faded away. The only way I'd be able to have that little ear on my arm forever was with a tattoo. But then I'd have to spend the rest of my life telling that story to everyone who asked, "Why do you have an ear on your forearm?"

So I just keep the little ear print in my memory and smile when I think of it.


Mom said...

I like the whole concept of a tattoo written on your heart.

rosemary said...

i once seriously considered a cat tattoo on the back of my calf....then I thought of the pain and how all of the nurses would laugh at it when I was in the "home" i forgot about it. My daughter and her sons have tats everywhere. I think they look.....well like something I wish they hadn't done. Now that ear thing might be cute if it was done in pink and maybe had an earring...a baby one.

Paul Nichols said...

I've often wondered what morticians must think of tattoos. One thing I like about your family is the absence of them.

Maybe your dog had "unrophea."