June 16, 2010

End of the Year Party

I attended Sean's end of 2nd grade party yesterday in a neighbor's back yard.
It was perfect for kids.
He had a great time. His friend pushed him on the rope swing.
Then he pushed him on the hammock.
Then others pushed him on the hammock with another buddy.
Then he got on the hammock with yet another buddy...
who then trampled him, as boys do.
Then he stuffed marshmellows into his mouth and tried to speak.
Then he made a visor, with his wonderful teacher looking on.
Then he swung...or swinged...or swang, depending on how you look at things in the world of grammar.
Then the two classes played this game.....
and hid beneath the parachute....
while he hid in the log cabin.

2nd grade was good. Thank you Mrs. Forst.

And happy retirement to you!

1 comment:

Mom said...

Looks like a perfect 2nd grade party. Good teachers are a treasure. Sounds like Sean had a treasure this year.