June 21, 2010

Father's Day at Stone Harbor

We have these sweet friends who are always doing fun things. They drove down from New Hampshire for a weekend at the Jersey shore (they're originally from here) for their daughter's graduation gift and we went down and met them and another sweet family we haven't seen for a while.
These four people used to be little toddling cuties together and now they're big romping cuties. I am still trying to figure out how this phenomenon happens.

Kind of like how those two used to be five years apart and now they're twins. That's a mystery.
Then on the way home everyone was starving and we didn't want to wait in line at a restaurant on Father's Day so we got KFC and drove to the nearest lake.
I sat on a large piece of broken concrete and ate the best tasting meal I've had in a long time. And photographed it for you, of course, just to show how good fast food can be.

Not really so sweet....
see him holding his head?



Mom said...

Looks like a wonderful and happy day.

Amy said...

It does sound like such a fun day Jennie. The pics are beautiful!

And hey-you got 'evidence' on one of your boys, lol!

I haven't had KFC in years but you make it look good.

meys said...

may all happiness be yours n fam..

Meysha said...

i wish happiness forever..