June 9, 2010

Sean (2nd grade) has been wanting to take part in the school variety show that Mr. Z lets the kids do every year, but it was always the fourth and fifth graders. This year Mr. Z opened the floodgates and let the little 'uns sing too and there were tons of little ones up there showing their stuff. Sean, as far as I saw, was the only one who brought along his own live accompaniment.

A few things. One, Mr. Z - he was the high school band teacher when I was in school! Great guy. Two, every time Seth makes a mistake on the guitar, Sean looks at him. Cracks me up. He didn't have much room to play, the capo was on the 9th fret to accomodate Sean's high voice. Seth would want you to know that. Three, I wigged out and turned the thing off at the end because I thought it was off when I saw a red light. I was nervous for them and was so upset for about 20 minutes afterward, thinking I didn't get it at all. I think I'm still upset about it! Four, Luke, resident artist, made the signs.

It was a sweet way to end the year.


rosemary said...

I have watched it 3 times....I love it!

Paul Nichols said...

* * *Applaud! Applaud* * *

Sean, there are people clear to the Heart of America who are proud of you. Great job! Great humor! Teachers like your Mr. Z are the best, aren't they?