September 17, 2010

This Summer I:

dropped a shower door square on the cuticle of my bare second toe.

lost half my toenail.

read A Year By the Sea: Thoughts of an Unfinished Woman

tread water during Adult Swim at the pool.

took kids to the shore to watch a sunrise.

ate Mack 'n Manco pizza on the boardwalk.

found out my dog was dying.

started writing a book.

went to too many graduation parties and was invited to more.

had two Jello shots at an evening porch party.

drank 4 gin and tonics at the graduation party the afternoon before the porch party.

saw 14 waterfalls on a hike at Rickett's Glen, PA.

played one game of miniature golf.

ate burnt marshmallows around a fire.

held a baby rabbit.

scrounged up lots of junk for a yard sale that hasn't yet happened.

pulled a tick out of my 8 year old's head.

held a baby bird.

went to a fun fish fry with friends.

went to a fun pool party with other friends.

went to an amazing wedding on Long Island for two amazing people who had amazing food (including lobsters!) on an amazing veranda and I was amazed to see Mary Higgins Clark standing behind me in an amazing outfit.

had a lot of conversations with my friend about her divorce and her husband's settlement requests like: copies of all their recipes except the ones with chicken.

saw the Statue of Liberty and Manhattan from the east for the first time ever.

drove through Brooklyn and Queens for the first time ever.

(was on Long Island for the first time ever.)

took Luke to get his braces off.

can't think of anything else.


Mom said...

Sounds like you living an abundant life.

rosemary said...

Wow, quite the summer....but can you trump having a heart attack?.....just saying. Will I get an autographed copy of the book when it is published? Am I in it? Fiction? Non fiction? Novel? Short stories? Blog stuff used for content? Wait a minute....the divorcing couple....1. No wonder she is divorcing 2. He is in therapy, right? I expect a full answer missy.

Paul Nichols said...

Busy summer, indeed!

And I find it interesting that you saw 14 waterfalls right after all those Jello shots and gin/tonics. I probably would have, too.


Jennie said...

LOL Paul. Too funny. Surprisingly I was fine considering I can't remember the last time I'd had a g&t. But Stan did say there was a point when he decided it was time to move on and take me with him. Someone asked me what dish I was taking to the porch party and I pointed at myself with both hands and said, "This is what I'm taking to the porch party!" But the waterfalls came weeks later. ;)