December 15, 2013

2013 Little Things

 1.  I acted.  First time ever.  I was "Dorothy" in a skit in front of hundreds of people. 

 2.  I ran a 4 mile race with [far behind] my two younger sons.   

 3.  I saw 14 waterfalls on a hike.

 4.  I lost $20 gambling in a casino.

 5.  I finally went totally gluten-free.

 6.  I began writing again, a little.

 7.  I wore a bikini.

 8.  I visited Jane in South Carolina twice.

 9.  I found a purse in a rest-stop and tracked down the owner.

10.  I weighed less than I have ever weighed as an adult.

11.  I celebrated my grandfather's 99th birthday and went to his funeral 7 months later.

12.  I went out in a Hummer limo.

13.  I enjoyed my Springer Spaniel puppy, Rosie.

14.  I saw Trans Siberian Orchestra, went to my first Eagles game, saw America sitting between my two older sons, saw The Bailey Hounds in a cemetery with my two older sons.

15.  I rode a bike once.

16.  I watched my three children take off in a vehicle driven by my unlicensed middle child.

17.  I scored over 500 in words with friends several times, over 400, many times, over 300, countless times.  

18.  I got a "smartphone".

19.  I screamed hysterically into a beach towel repeatedly.

20.  I waded barefoot in a swamp.

21.  I watched lots of tennis matches, soccer games and track meets.  

22.  I got one haircut.

23.  I had the pleasure and benefit of developing many new friendships.

24.  I made a pottery cup in a friend's pottery studio.

25.  I read The Way of Love by Anthony de Mello.

26.  I ate bouillabaisse, drank St. Germaine cordial and discovered Honey Crisp apples.

27.  I held a baby.

28.  I found out that I am no longer 5' 8 1/4"

29.  Watched my son get inducted into National Honor Society.

30.  I killed 4 houseplants.

31.  I responded in love when I felt angry, scared and hurt.

32.  I had no cell phone for 4 months.

33.  Saw my ayurvedic doctor and was helped greatly once again.

34.  Had one of those "wow, I can't believe you're saying exactly what I needed to hear right now" moments with a person completely covered in tattoos from the neck down. 

35.  Found a dollar in a bin at Target with a note attached, reminding me to be grateful.

36.  Bought another silver cuff at Wheaton art show.

37.  Gave a Gatorade to someone who came to my door asking for water on a hot day.  

38.  Lost my silver anklet. 

39.  Entered 295S at midnight and found myself driving through a terrible accident.

40.  Found that listening to my iPod greatly helps me get things done...and drowns out racing thoughts.

41. Had family photos taken by one of my oldest and dearest friends.

42.  Learned even more about letting go.

43.  Worried for two close friends in the hospital.

44.  Answered 947 difficult questions posed to me by my youngest, usually at 7:25 A.M.

45.  Began to suspect I might be maybe starting to possibly enter into the time of life when I probably won't be having any more children.  Inconceivably.  

46.  Was continually gibed by Jane's boyfriend to begin dying my hair.

47.  Was flipped the bird by a crazy driver.

48.  Had many awesome and enlightening conversations at Jersey Java with a great friend and mentor.

49.  Had a really bad day that changed when a flood of friends randomly began reaching out in texts, messages, calls and visits and they didn't even know...

50.  Met many Sunday evenings with a special group of people to write two plays.

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Paul Nichols said...

I saw a Hummer limo last night. Thought of your comment. In many ways, this is an exceptional piece of writing. I'm proud for you. I think you know that.