September 2, 2008

Let's Play That Again

I'm sitting around a table with friends and family for a Labor Day barbeque and the conversation turned to old movies, as it often does when my father is around, and all at once I was struck! I made a crazy mistake in February! And you didn't tell me!

I closed my punny Epcot piece with a quote from Gone With the Wind for Morocco! What the? Well, give me a tiny break. I was writing that on an airplane to avoid panicking. Stan was relaxed and sleeping on the plane home from Florida and I was ramped up and fluttering, trying to keep my mind on silly things like puns and poking him in the ribs every so often to try them out on him. Guess he didn't notice my mistake either.

Alrighty. Morocco. Here's how I left it: So, we ate in Morocco...let me get this strait...twice. The first time we ate dessert. We ate a piece of chocolate mousse before dinner, because we were on vacation and frankly...we didn't give a ...lamb.

Let's see. How 'bout...So, we ate in Morocco...let me get this strait...twice. The first time we ate dessert and then we had dinner, because of all the dinner joints, in all the countries, in all of Epcot, we walked into that one.

Okay. I feel better. Next time, tell me.


rosemary said...

Jennie....step away from the computer. Again, step away from the computer.

Jennie said...

~chortling~ I can't help it

Chrissea said...

7 days?

Chrissea said...

oops - I mean 7 hours?
(clearly another chrissie moment)

Paul Nichols said...

Yeah, but what about that little lamb? Where's that little lamb?