October 24, 2008

Friday Five Glimpses

5 Things I'm Gonna Do Today

1. Make Chewy Chocolate Ginger cookies
these are so rich and rich, I'm going to have to take some pictures and share the recipe

2. Go pick out glasses with my hubband
his glasses have been broken for at least a month....picture this....he has prescription
sunglasses which he wears to watch tv in bed after he takes off his contacts

3. Buy gift bags and candy so we can Boo! three people tonight
someone Boo!ed us last night....they dropped a bag of candy on our porch, rang the
doorbell and ran....left a note that tells us to Boo! three others and copy the ghost picture
and hang it on our front door so we don't get Boo!ed again - Sean is thrilled

4. Sell Cow Plop tickets because my 16 year old hasn't done it and they're due today
one of those things you do for your kid that you know you shouldn't, but they don't do
it and it makes you angry so you do it knowing all the while you should make him do it
but instead you do it yourself gritting your teeth the whole time.....meanwhile he doesn't
care if it's done or not.......

5. Go downtown to the Fourth Friday celebration with Coleen, Lorraine and whoever else.
Free pumpkin soup at the new salon....Jazz band at our coffee cafe....horse and buggy
rides.....and then dessert at my house in front of the fire


rosemary said...

What is a cow plop event?

may i invite myself to go with you tonight?

I am so boring i only have one glimpse and that is to finish off the last bag of cordial cherry chocolates i will ever be allowed to buy ever again....ever. Steve says it is an illness. eating the whole bag by myself but only because i won't share.

CRAIG and DIANE said...

If I lived closer, you would find me tagging along with you on that Fourth Friday celebration. What fun!

Jennie said...

I wish you both could have come tonight! Rosemary, follow the link "Cow Plop" and read my short post about it from 2006. It's a fundraiser - if the cow plops on your square you win money.

rosemary said...

Well of course.....a cow plops on your square....you win. Of course the cow won't plop when you want it to...lottery mind set.

Jennie said...

No it doesn't plop when you want it to. That's why I haven't attended the cow plop in two years. (Took over two hours then.) No it doesn't plop where you want it to, that's why I haven't won.
It's still fun to say "cow plop" though, isn't it?