September 28, 2009

Cape May Point State Park 2

I like this fence. It reminds me of that fence in SC a couple years ago.
Can a boy resist? Poor little sand crab.
Seth thought this looked like Jack from The Nightmare Before Christmas.
I photographed this perfect hole in the beach, but it wasn't until I saw the picture on my computer screen that I noticed something glistening in there looking out at me. Enlarge the photo and be prepared to be grossed out.
I love this picture of Luke. He spent much of the time on the beach writing in the sand with a dried reed. I always said he was born with a pencil in his hand.

I have a whole montage of Sean on the beach which will be my next post.
He cracked me up. I think maybe he was born with the ocean in his heart.
Or maybe he's just 7.

I can't believe how big Luke is getting. I knew the day would come, we've always assumed he'll be our tallest, but when I see my 12 year old looking like my 6 ft tall 17 year old, gee. I don't know which end is up any more.
Have I mentioned these boots? I love all-leather footwear, as do my feet. My feet are not stiletto feet and they are not Croc feet. They are bare feet or leather feet, basically. I must go to Italy. I should live in Italy. I should live in Italy whether they have leather shoes there or not. As long as Italy still has food and remains a peninsula, I should live there. Which brings me back to boots. I like 'em. I can't wait till they're 10 years old. Oh wait, then I'll be 54. I can wait.
I think this could be the cover of Seth's first album. It could be called something like What's the Point? Get it? Cape May Point?
Below is a big thing left over from some war. It's kind of interesting, this giant concrete thing lodged there on the beach with "Do Not-" signs all over it. When I was little, you could climb on it, look out over the ocean and pretend you were on this big thing during some war.

I do love taking pictures of my kids in front of concrete. The color of yellowy-pink life in front of cold, gray rock.

Seth hates me taking his picture, but my thumb loves it, so it evens out. Don't his eye look purdy? (Believe me. His eye looks pretty.) One of his friends said: A small blemish ain't nothing to a giant. (Well, I don't know if he said 'blemish' but I can't remember what he told him, exactly.) It made him toss his cookies, it made him have double vision, stitches and surgery, it made him have to reevaluate some things, and lose ability to drive and play soccer for a while...but he remains that sensitive, deeply caring boy. And someday when he leaves his teens, he may smile again for a picture.
There are little clear pebbles called "Cape May diamonds" on the beaches of Cape May. I used to be able to find them as a child, but haven't seen one for years.
Then we climbed the lighthouse. On the ground looking up, Sean said: No. Way. On the top looking out, Sean was delighted. However, Stan found his body saying: No. Way. and he had to stand inside and talk to the cute, young attendant. At least that's what he told me.
Can you find our van, Goldie? She stayed behind. Ever since the Tetons, she's been terribly afraid of heights. I was born somewhere in the upper left horizon.

Upper Left Horizon sounds like a song on the album What's the Point?
This is where we took our hike through the fields and woods, posted yesterday. They're replacing all the wooden boardwalks with recycled plastic ones. I get the reason, but I am going to miss the old weathered boards.
This park is a huge bird-watching spot. Supposedly one of the absolute best to see certain birdies (hawks, esp) on their flights around the globe. We just go for the sea air.


Mom said...

Beaches and boys just seem to go together. I love the pictures. Reserve a copy of Seth's album for me.

rosemary said...

Just wonderful....the boys all look happy and carefree....all of them. Those boots....really, really popular in Idaho, or at least a version of them. Here they have a fringy thing on the top. As for Italy and leather shoes, food, water etc. Every woman should go to Italy for the following reasons: You would be eye candy at any age. Really does a older woman good to have a man....usually younger...ogle after you walk by. 54 is very young in Italy. Shoes, handbags, clothes are everywhere. Leather is the norm, stores everywhere in every price range so one can dress beautifully....see first reason. antiquity everywhere...makes you feel young. Sorrento would suit you....on the Bay of Naples, open air eateries, good wine (yes, I did)lovely old hotels, bike/ walking trails and the water is the bluest ever, the sands the whitest, the air oh so sweet. So, whew...after all of that when shoud we go? you, me, men....just us girls. Next summer? September? Let me know.